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How one text from a player’s father aged Washington coach Jay Gruden

RICHMOND, Va. — Jay Gruden turned 52 years old in March. Realizing he would, for the first time, coach a father-son combo aged him a bit more.

“I didn’t think I was that old, man,” a chortling Gruden told The Athletic during the Washington Redskins’ training camp in Richmond. “It was kind of depressing when I heard I’m coaching the son of an ex-teammate. I’m sure there will be more where that comes from.”

Some around the league consider Gruden the organization’s top talent evaluator. Those appraisal skills showed years before he helped shape Washington’s 53-man roster.

It’s what led to a text ahead of April’s NFL Draft that reunited friends, helped the organization identify a potential long-term prospect and gave a son the dream-chasing opportunity his father might never have had without a football lifer’s discerning eye and influence.

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