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Survey says … NFL executives, scouts, players rank Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Panthers head coaching

By Ben Standig and Grant Paulsen

The offseason turned the NFC East into a test case.

Three teams in what was once the NFL’s most dominant division have hired new head coaches since the regular season ended, and the calendar flipped to a new decade. In each case, there was little argument over the need for change.

Granted, this is no controlled experiment. Each of the newbies — former coordinators repping all three aspects of any team — brings their uniqueness onto very different scenes.

“We don’t know — we don’t know which of these hires will prove to be best. There are many variables to account for — and I don’t think it makes sense to jump to any immediate conclusions,” said former Oakland Raiders CEO and current NFL analyst Amy Trask. “Just as the best coaches best position players to be their best, the best organizations best position their coaches to be their best.”

No doubt, the wise, long-term approach with judgment involves patience. Future historians for the win. For this article, we won’t be chasing Amy’s practical advice.

Maybe not always, but for now and the foreseeable future, side-by-side-side comparisons for Ron Rivera (Washington), Mike McCarthy (Dallas) and Joe Judge (New York) are inevitable. In fact, that’s happening right here. The Athletic checked in with numerous league sources following Tuesday’s reveal that Judge would round out the division’s head coaches. The Xs and Os, clipboard carrying group includes one holdover, Philadelphia’s Doug Pederson.

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